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I would have been bolder in my youth, more confident, and open-minded, for this reason I decided to push my own limits and boundaries through fashion and writing.

I am an italian nostalgic, raised upon the sea, a nomadic soul, recently adopted by London.

I nourished my incessant curiosity and love for writings, during my classical studies, in my hometown, and then I combined my interest for creative topics, such as art, fashion and photography, attending a BA in Fashion.

I worked in Milan both as a creative and in the commercial area, for famous fashion brands, and then I decided that “is never too late” to study again, to question myself, to deepen my obsessions, and discover the unknown, out there.

I left my country and I moved to London in 2016.

My main purpose was studying at the Central Saint Martins school, and so I did.

I started my challenging journey through fashion, at The Fashion Folio course, which led me to the Post Graduate program.

Being mainly focused on concept, rather than shapes, never helped me in excelling with garment constructions and patterns, so I decided to fill my lack of confidence and knowledge by attending a pattern cutting course at the London College of Fashion in 2018.

Then, the unexpected opportunity knocked on my door.

After an unforseen meeting with a brilliant, well-known anthropologist, I was given the chance to write a book and share my creative experience, reflecting and exploring individual mind's complex dynamics related to creative processes.

Stories always represented the starting point of my creative journey.

They helped me understanding the importance of interiorising and then giving voice to topics and social, anthropological issues, deeply connected to my inner-being.
My curiosity helped me and, while growing up, adopting different shades and nuances, pushed me during this journey, to continuously question my condition as a “human”, driving me to the ultimate conclusion that I really need to talk, explain, engage and discuss, giving rise to doubts, reflections, and ideas.

I want to feel people's emotional, authentic engagement and participation, no matter if it is through fashion, art, garments, writing or installations.

I have always believed in the importance of communicating, sharing, and collaborating.

I believe in story-telling, in the power of words, of honesty and authenticity, and in the importance of setting our minds free from strict social patterns that tend to blunt our senses and innate capacities.

I am a women and humans supporter, after all.

I do not feel that human beings, however they act, can be put into a box, nor labelled.

I think we are a peculiar combination of body and mind, of senses and cognitivism, fluid, in continuos in-becoming, vivid and imperfect.

A flawless cohexistence of finished and unfinished, that deserve to be celebrated and embraced in its oxymoronic sense of infinity.

In my creative research, I want to favour “the meaning rather than the shape, the process rather than the commercial needs, the hidden core of things”.

I strongly support the idea that every object, or human product, or art work, and so on, needs a story, a behind the scenes, in order to reconnect with an ancestral meaningful dimension, in which individuals can feel part of something, rather than forcefully alienated.

The shiny, sparkly world of plastic, perfection, strict-commercial logic and preconceived ideals, we are deeply imbued in, needs to be replaced by a sense of realness, vividness that could talk about “people”, leaving, even if for a second, the spectacular trend of the contemporary era.
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I am obsessed with threads. Red, vivid, long, suspended and fragile. A metaphor of our existence, our vulnerability, our delicate connections, as dancing memories of a human soul.

All of my creative research, is purely and genuinely focused on human's emotions, primitive instincts, fears, memories, reactions and restrictions, and this anthropocentric vision, drove me to incessantly explore every facets and aspects of a person's mind, starting from the influence that social pressures and patterns can have , moving to its onthological senses and needs.

The “unsaid”, the “inappropriate”, the “stain”, and all the other social blame that we keep on carrying with us, which are still, no longer excepted by our environment, are center-stage in my projects, with the ultimately purpose of giving them a voice.

A silent voice to the unspoken, to all the natural, distinctive elements that constitute a human being, imperfect, scary, fragile, uncertain, inconsistent, yet honest and real.

After all, all humans are about emotions, not perfection.

I do believe in the power of reconnecting directly with our body, which is an inexhaustible tank of stimulus, capable of enhancing our inner senses, and intimate awareness. undressing it of every rationalism, shame, and contrived connotation.

Our naked body, our true, unveiled face.
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MC Book "From Blank canvas to garment" A creative journey of discovery Represented the unexpected fusion, in which the opportunity met a story.

A tank of different ingredients melted together but still cohexisting as two separate parts and points of view.

This book is about my story as a designer, as a nomadic creative and, most of all, as a curious person. It flows, licking two different dimensions, one more autobiographycal and the other completely devoted to socio-anthropological reflections. A journey through the full and empty spaces of my mind, and my life, as suggested by the title, that started with my curiosity and drove me to several life experimentations, failures and achievements.
Fashion, the main topic, also represented to me a methaphor, a very personal one, especially when it comes to creative processes and development, which can be read as a never-ending learning process faced by every individual.

Who has never had to cope with a blank canvas to fill during their existence?

And while looking for the answer, I clearly discovered the aim and purpose behind my book.

Reflect and help others to do so.

This is my blank canvas story, then turned into a drawing, a garment, a continuous discovery, and brought me to face my real self in the end.
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