Psychology of fashion

Hello guys!!

Welcome to my video series, in which we are gonna start together a journey trough creativity fashion and other related topics, exploring them in all of their facets.

My purpose is to give you cues, insights and useful tipis, in order to boost your creative verve, and overcome frustrating situations.

Today I am going to start analysing creativity’s inner meaning, how does it act in human beings, and why some people have it and some others don’t.As some of you already know, creativity tends to be considered as an individual’s innate talent or peculiarity, but despite these common beliefs, creativity happens to be a natural born human condition.

Surprising, uh?!

This of course sounds amazing, and reasonably crazy for some of you that never ever consider themselves as creative.

So the question could be, why in some individual creativity surfaces and in some other, well, is definetly not visible?!

As I mentioned before, creativity is strongly liked to a human’s natural state of mind, a pure and genuine condition in which a person can nurture, understand and process ideas and data completely free of patterns and outer stimulus, on an individual distinctive basis, which is exactly what happened to us all, when we were young and focused on our personal discoveries rather than social environment, and expectations.

We were curious, anxious of playing with the world out there, eager to learn and re-learn by making mistakes and experimentations..and this is exactly the way creativity organises itself.

But growing up, while being exposed to a different contexts, some people’s mind has been trapped into “general structures and process to follow” that inevitably has suffocated the innate creative verve. Humans in fact are not spontaneously capable of facing and benefitting from a huge variety of possibilities, without using their background, such as experiences, fears, desires, aims, insecurities etc, also known as “Mechanical thoughts”.

These Mechanical thoughts, are generally absorbed at an early stage of our existence, and start to condition our behaviours and reactions in the growing process, twisting the “fresh clarity of our mind”into a mechanical way, subconsciously, putting to sleep the capacity for originality and creation.

Some people, those considered “creative”, have recognised it, reconnecting directly with their hidden personality, going sometimes outside of the “common schemes”, trying to make their distinctiveness bloom again, searching and researching for stimulus, caressing and nurturing their inner persona, which is after all, an inhexaustible tank of creativity.

Their talent consists in the capacity of being aligned to their real senses, tastes, and baggage of peculiarities, no matter what, discovering the world in an authentic way, without letting common structures obfuscate their view.

Unfortunately, some others did not recognise this pattern, and by internalising it, lost their spontaneous creative verve.Hope you guys enjoyed the video, and found it interesting!

Next time I am going to talk about the creative block, what is it, and why it happens. So… STAY TUNED!!

Hello guys!!

It’s me, again!!

As I promised in the previous video, today I am going to explore the creative block: what is it, and the reason why it happens.

We can say that at least once in a lifetime ,we have all experienced, the dramatic heaviness of feeling blocked while working on a creative project…

And, as in my case, even after several projects and blocks, everytime that I got stuck, an apocaliptic thought spreads insidiously in my mind, such as: OMG, I lost my creativity! I have exhausted my ideas!!

I think you know what I mean,right?!

It can be pretty funny to indulge in our reactions from the outside with a cool head, but this heaviness of feeling stuck is a serious problem for a creative person, that needs to be addressed in a proper way.

So First, we need to understand what a creative block really is, and then the reasons of its occurence.

As all of you already know, creativity, can be boosted by embracing our inner senses, peculiarities, but can be also squashed by the so called“Mechanical thoughts”, generally absorbed at an early stage of our existence.

The mechanical thoughts are part of our background, and are constitute of different types of preconceptions and emotions, such as insicurities for example, fears,aims, desires,etc, and they generally vary from every individual.

These are a kind of “general pattern to follow”, that we keep on carrying with us, even if they don’t authentically belong to our persona and mind, but when stimulated unconsciously they can act as the worst enemy of a creative process.

The creative block can be summed up as a moment in which our mind is unfocused, or simply caged into “bad” dynamics, such as “mechanical thoughts” or can be also due to strict external patterns.

But, It can be also due sometimes to everyday worries or situations. that can push our mind somewhere else, and risulting in kind of unproductive mood.

Let’s try, now, to analise two common situations in which “the creative block” might appear:

First we can have strict internal patterns and mechanical toughts, and we are talking about a more psychological dimension.

We can also have lack of ideas, and unispiring environment.

In the first case, these mechanical thoughts generally invade our minds, putting to sleep our genuine senses.

For some people the fear of failing might play a crucial role, for some other insecurities, or the obsession of being perfect, and so on..

all of these preconceptions and emotions,tend to cover our creativity with a dark fog, and in these situations, we are more keen on obsessively taking into account these insidious voices within our minds rather then just focusing on what we are doing, producing the so called “Creative Block”.

In the second case, you can either have a lack of ideas due to strict external patterns, for example when you work for a creative brand and you need to follow some specific and very strict guidelines, you might have a different approach, so you can feel the pressure of doing it.

It can be also a matter of fact, you don’t have ideas, because you didn’t collect, process and develop enough of them.

For creative people, the research phase, is a crucial moment that needs to be conducted well, without any useless rushs!

Ideas needs to be boosted and supported by tonnes of studies, experimentations, failing attempts, and research, otherwise at some point you are going to get stuck again, and you might face the creative block.

So guys, this is all for today, I hope you enjoyed the video, and found it interesting in order to clarify some of your doubts, concerning the creative block.

In my next video I am going to share with you some easy ways and tricks, to overcome these terrible situations, and finally fight the creative block.